Jang Hyuk and Jang NaRa Interview

Uno de los pocos dramas de este año que me ha encantado ❤


Too Adorable NOT to post this! XD

JH: Everytime I finish a drama I feel both happy and sad. This drama…I do feel happy. ‘Coz we can sleep. But I feel more sad. Including JNR-ssi by my side, I shared such a good time with such good people. I don’t know when I will have another time like this. Now it’s time to leave such good memories behind, I do feel a little sad.

JNR: Yes, I was so happy during filming. Personally, I met a lot of good people. I do feel sad that there won’t be time spent together every day anymore. But I think it’s also a beginning of new relationships. I’m grateful and happy.

Q: Words to Nara

JH: For this drama, I decided to just follow the actress Jang Nara. I followed her and reached Ep 20 in no time. I think it this way…

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