Recap Ep15 + Spoilers de Ep16 de ‘Faith’ (Actualizada y editada)


Decidi hacer una minirecap con momentos puntuales ya que aun no salen los sub T.T… espero que les guste y comenten.Se actualizará con el mini recap del Ep 16.

Contando los dias para el próximo episodio de Faith? pues la SBS nos ayuda a sobrellevar la espera dándonos muchos datos de lo que pasará en los proximos episodios. Sigue leyendo

OMG love this ep!… me gustaron las escenas entre nuestra parejita,especialmente cuando despierta me hizo soltar lagrimitas.Aww.

Scattered Joonni

Joonni: The best episode so far. Not a moment is wasted. The tension is kept high as the stakes go up for everyone, forcing all to risk everything or lose it all. And balanced with the perfect amount of romance for every couple (Imja, GongNo, and YoungGong), this episode is a doozy. So prepare yourselves.

Softy: This drama really lives up to its name. I know the Korean title refers to the great doctor, but I like taking the literal meaning to heart. For each and every episode these characters have to have faith in each other, in what they believe in, in what they trust they are doing right even in the face of outright betrayal. Loyalty has never been tested this much between two friends, but every single time they manage to pass with flying colors. It’s those exact moments that make my eyes well up and it takes everything I…

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