“Spy MyungWol Love Notes” Fan Messages Tribute Project

Por: WiSeong

Para muchos, ‘Spy Myung Wol’ significo mucho…. especialmente para los fans de SMW Soompi thread. Asi nacio este proyecto, creado por Emme, quien se encargo de editarlo y dio limite de aprox. 3 dias para que todos los interesados manden notas de aliento a los actores de SMW cobretodo por los problemas ocurridos dentro y fuera del set… no todos participaron por el poco tiempo pero si lo logramos fans de 16 paises!. La meta es por supuesto que lo vea Eric, Ye Seul y el cast…. asi que andamos en ‘mision acosar a Eric por Twitter’ xD … a esperar la confirmación que lo ha visto se ha dicho!

Nota: Aquellos que adoraron este drama si es que pueden comentar en el video pls háganlo! que de esa manera tambien muestran su apoyo=)

Tribute Project Details:

Korean Drama “Spy MyungWol” starring actor Eric Mun and actress Han YeSeul was aired from July 11th to Sept 6th 2011 in South Korea.Despite several controversies surrounding it and the low ratings it received, the drama was a in fact very well-loved,unforgettable piece for many Hallyu drama fans community from all over the world.

With many unique and fresh elements of the drama,outstanding performances from the lead cast in their respective roles,and an undeniable sizzling chemistry between the two leads,it is by no pure coincidence that it all resulted in moments of laughter and tears,heated discussions and pure enjoyment of watching the drama for its global viewers.Faithful fans would wait for each new episode with baited breath and long after the final episode was aired, the characters and their stories still lingers in the heart and mind of loyal followers of Spy MyungWol all over the world.

This tribute project was created to show that despite the response it received in its mother country during the principal broadcast duration,drama “Spy MyungWol” was in fact a rare gem that holds the interest,passion and support of so many International Fans even after it finished airing. SMW fans from over 16 different countries across the continents took part in the tribute project by sending in messages in the form of handwritten notes and creative projects,all with their very own personal touches.

We would like to share our love,appreciation and gratitude to the cast and crew of the drama by dedicating this tribute to them,and we would like to tell them that International Fans are responding WARMLY,ENTHUSIASTICALLY and POSITIVELY towards the drama and that for Us,KangWoo and MyungWol’s story will ALWAYS have a special place in our hearts.

Project Coordinator & Editor:
@emme_zlers/ tresEmmE



Un comentario el ““Spy MyungWol Love Notes” Fan Messages Tribute Project

  1. me encanta este dorama…………. todo lo que el amor puede llegar a pesar de los conflictos y los problemas con este dorama he compartido varias cosas lagrimas risas
    y en especial al amor que ponen para hacer que este dorama sea muy hermozzzzooo!!!


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