MGIG DVD Director’s cut…entrevistas de SMA y LSG

Por: WiSeong

Los increible fans de DC …jeje porque no me queda otro adjetivo para decirles lo agradecida que estoy con ellos^^ han subido la entrevista de Minah hecha en el DVD asi como una preview de las demás entrevistas así que les dejo los links… y la traducción de la entrevista de Lee  SeungGi, que todavia no tenemos video:)…

Este es el link de la entrevista de Minah: (Tengan paciencia que se demora en cargar pero lo hace).

Y este es para ver un preview de la entrevista de todo el cast: (Cr: tryp96)


Director Cut DVD Lee Seung Gi interview translation credit :
Translation: kr to Chinese by yaoyaoyufei, China Cafe
Chinese to English by Eunice@lee seung gi soompi thread

1.The scene that I wish I can retake is from the last ep. Where Daewoong reunited with Miho. Because they were surrounded and were only 3m away from the students, I was not really able to express my emotion even though I tried my very best.

2. In the drama, the acting skills that I’m most confident with is my the comedy at the same I feel that comedy is difficult to act. When acting comedy, timing is very important. It make a lot of difference in just a split of a second. I’ve watched and studied some famous foreign comedians and feel that I’m still lacking in this area.

3. I am still not good in emotional acting skill, hence I was very apprehensive because the broadcast of this drama was tantamount to live telecast, there tend to be some worries whether will I be able to deliver. However I am very fortunate to say that I was able to feel the emotion of the drama. As a 20plus years old, I know I’m still lacking in all aspect of my acting skills. I believe maybe a 30or 40plus years old will have done it better.

4. In the drama, both SMA and I were acting as a couple. Knowing that this was a very important role , on our 2nd meeting I’d suggested to SMA that I will address her as “xi” (as you all already know that SMA is older than LSG) and she readily agreed on it.

5. If the acting is too frivolous it will easily developed into childish drama, the degree of timing  is very delicate and intrigue. Before the actual filming of the drama, there was a lot of worry. However, at the actual filming, instead of seeing Gumiho as a Gumiho, most of the time, I saw her as a woman.

When LSG was asked when did Daewoong actually felt in love with Miho, LSG said that maybe from the very beginning Daewoong  was already infatuated with Miho. he think it’s the same with all guys when they says that a woman is pretty, at that moment they are already infatuated with her. Many things always begin with infatuation even though at the end you’ll said something like “ghost or scary.” Because Daewoong exclaimed that Miho was beautiful when he first set his eyes on her, therefore he feels that Daewoong may  already had an affection for her. Most of the drama scripts are the same. Instead of love at first sight, it will from hatred to misunderstandings or conflicts or hurts to feeling apologetic towards each another and finally love.

6. HOYIHOYI is in the original script and it only required both finger to touch , however we improvise on the it and realized that it was better this way.

Was there any NG when it come to some interesting part?

LSG: Definitely no NG. If there are NG it will definitely affect the acting and jest of it. Therefore, the more comical the scene is, I’ll try my uttermost effort not tohave any NG

7. He was asked whether does he belong in the NG category.

LSG: He is not. He felt having NG too often is very embarrassing and he will be very apologetic to his acting partner therefore he NO NG for him. However, he said that at the airport scene, there were about 8 pages of dialogue and most of it was self improvised. There was a lot of NG just for that scene.

8. The phrase that he loves the most in the drama.

“If you die, let’s die together, if you live, let’s live together.” However, LSG feels that if one is will to die for another, it will be a great to the one receiving it. As for me, just receiving a gift from someone is already a great burden for me.

9. What does MGIG mean to you?

LSG: It was like a dream. The filming was so rush and hectic that it looks like a dream to me. After filming, I always has this thought that I need to improve in my acting skills. As a 20plus year old, I do not look forward to receiving high acclamation for my acting skiils. In the school of acting, I will says that I’m still in the elementary level and I would like to see myself promoted one stage at a time.

10. LSG feels that Daewoong main attraction his pure and childlike characteristic but most importantly is his pure and sincerity towards love. Talking about the final ep., LSG also revealed that not only him, the Hong sisters also do not wish for a sad ending. In the original script, Miho disappears and is reincarnated as a 20 year old. Daewoong waited for her for 20 years and finally married her at the age of 40.

11. Which are his most memorable and impressive scenes?

– At the airport when he passed back the bead to her.

–  When he teared up while driving off after leaving Miho on the roadside.

However, personally he loves ep.1,2,3 & 4 ep for the comical scenes.

12. Finally, LSG wishes that the drama will be a drama that viewers will still watch it over and over again.

Mas tarde lo traduzco al español… les avisare con un (ACT)

Algunas capturas de Minah 🙂 Cr: asianatikas,

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  1. Mi ingles no es muy bueno pero entiendo masomenos lo que dice mi Lsg ! me da risa porque dice que le hubiese gustado ahcer mejor el ultimo capitulo ajajaja pues a mi aprcer lo hio muy bien ajajajaja sera ke no actuo mucho solo se dejo llevar ajajajaja nos e esforxo 🙂 imaginate si se hubiese esforzado , minah sale muy linda , la noona me da risaunque nose lo que dice


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